Welcome to The Health After Cancer Podcast

Welcome to the Health After Cancer Podcast, a new show for cancer survivors. Our hosts, Elle Billman, Dr. Lidia Schapira, Dr. Stephanie Smith, and Dr. Natasha Steele created this podcast as a resource to support, inform and connect cancer survivors. Our guests include cancer survivors who share their unique stories and lessons learned in survivorship; and experts who support survivors in mental health wellness, genetic counseling and primary care. We hope you, and any survivors and care partners in your life, will find this collection of stories and shared experiences helpful and inspiring.

Meet your hosts:

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie is a pediatric oncologist and clinical researcher with a focus on cancer survivorship at Stanford Medicine.

Lidia Schapira

Lidia is the director of the Stanford Cancer Survivorship Program and the executive producer of Health After Cancer.

Natasha Steele

Natasha is a young adult cancer survivor, an internist and researcher, and an incoming faculty member at Stanford Medicine.

Elle Billman

Elle is a childhood cancer survivor and 2028 MD candidate at the Ichan Medical School, at Mt. Sinai, in New York.

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