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Health After Cancer Podcast Team:

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie is a pediatric oncologist and clinical researcher with a focus on cancer survivorship at Stanford Medicine.

Lidia Schapira

Lidia is the director of the Stanford Cancer Survivorship Program and the executive producer of Health After Cancer.

Elle Billman

Elle is a childhood cancer survivor and 2028 MD candidate at the Ichan Medical School, at Mt. Sinai, in New York.

EdTech Team:

Deila M. Bumgardner

In 2018 Deila began work with Dr. Schapira, Dr. Smith, and their team, to create Health After Cancer: Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care. This online, CME accredited, course paved the way for the Health After Cancer Podcast. Deila is an instructional designer for the Stanford Medicine EdTech team. She is passionate about advocating for learners, and in this case patients. Her work on this podcast represents an exciting step for the EdTech team, creating patient-facing partner content to our physician-facing materials.

Image of Bindu Madhava Sound Engineer for the podcast

Bindu Madhava

Bindu Madhava is a senior digital media specialist at Stanford Medicine and is the sound engineer for this podcast. Bindu has worked as a technical director on major productions and possesses extensive experience in multimedia technology. Additionally, Bindu serves as the audio recordist for the Health after Cancer podcast.

Grace Sextro

Grace Sextro is a digital media specialist at Stanford Medicine. She helps capture photos, video, and audio for the Health After Cancer podcast. Grace is also one of the main editors of the podcast series. She earned her BA in Cinema and Theatre Arts at the University of Iowa.

Shanna Polley

Shanna is a professional and credited sound designer, composer, singer-songwriter, multi-genre music enthusiast, and Columbia University ('18) music composition/computer music graduate. She has had a lifelong passion for creating, collecting and curating music across genres and media. Her love for music composition comes from a drive to impact the way the world experiences music. She has also worked in music education and behavioral neuroscience laboratories, with a interest in better understanding music’s impact on behavior and state of mind. Shanna served as a composer and editor for the Health After Cancer Podcast audio.

Huy Tran

Huy is the production lead of our production team. With his BFA in Animation/Illustration, Huy has been a key member of Edtech since 2015. With expertise in both 2D and 3D, Huy provides the art direction, creative ideas, and technical knowledge in many of our innovative projects. He is currently overseeing the entire production cycle, that includes visual development, animation, motion graphic, 3D modeling, and more. Huy designed the primary banner/icon artwork for the Health After Cancer Podcast.

Lauren Watley

Lauren Watley is a digital media specialist at Stanford School of Medicine. In addition to having fun learning and exploring creative ways to build interactive medical educational widgets, she also enjoys working on projects where visual design and character animation is a featured element. Lauren is a web designer and editor of the Health After Cancer podcast website.

William Bottini

William Bottini is the Creative Director of EdTech. He has been with the team since 2015. Across William’s career he has been creating and leading creative teams to thoughtfully use art, design, filmmaking, storytelling, and emerging technologies in the pursuit of impactful positive change.

Claire Follis

Claire loves that her role as an Instructional Designer gives her the ability to utilize skills from her project management, learning science, and research background. She is especially passionate about educational equity, within healthcare and beyond, and looks forward to working with the team to use innovation to create learner accessibility. Claire supported the Health After Cancer Podcast as an assistant producer.

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